Robert KoeneIm a Designer
I use flowers to express
my Art
I use Craftsmanship
and my senses
to reveal


Become immersed in the enchanted world of Flowers by Dutch Master Florist Robert Koene,

a spectacular floral event designer.

Robert was born in Netherlands into a family steeped, for generations, in the traditions of floral art. After extensive formal floriculture education, he designed for years in The Middle East, Japan, Greece and Netherlands, and has professionally produced and exhibited flower installations and events on five continents.

Robert designs passionately to express emotions of joy and love as well as to visually restate corporate messages with panache.

He has a natural gift for lines, architecture, and craftsmanship.

His unique blend of naturalism and cutting-edge innovation has been internationally recognized for decades. His designs are wondrous floral sculptures that reflect his passion for exceptional flowers and art. The scale of his work can be intimate or theatrically monumental.

Nature finds its full expression in Robert’s floral creations.



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